Night fountains shows at Versailles


• Every Saturday from June 11 to September 24

• Beginning of the Fountains at 8:30 p.m.
• Fireworks at 10:50 p.m.
• End of the Fireworks at 11:05 p.m.

Nigh fountains shows of the Palace of Versailles


Every Saturday from June 11 to September 24

Versailles Palace gardens : the set itself is already exceptional during the day, but a visit at dusk will disrupt all your landmarks. The change of scene is guaranteed during this sound and visual experience. An original way to rediscover this monument of French heritage and to revive the luxury of the past.

France Tourisme propose you tickets for the Night Fountains.

Versailles Gardens and Fountains are exceptional during the day, but a visit by night will be amazing! You will be seduced by the baroque music and the light shows performed in the wonderful gardens of Versailles Palace. An incredible sound and visual experience and an original way to revive the luxury of the past and to rediscover this monument of great French heritage.

France Tourisme invites you to discover by night the magnificent gardens and fountains of Versailles Palace, the Sun King's Estate which is among the most famous monuments from the French heritage and the finest and most complete example of 17th century architecture.


Every Saturday evening in summer, the Royal Gardens of Château de Versailles are decked out in thousands of lights and invite you to take a journey through time to the rhythm of the Sun King's music. A magical walk to discover the fountains and a dazzling finale of fireworks for all ages!

The Night Fountains Shows, a unique opportunity to stroll through the groves and fountains, usually closed to the public, and see their water features playing to the sound of music. Rediscover the greatest arias of baroque music from Lully to Charpentier, from Gluck to Rameau as you stroll. A unique and magical experience.

A two-and-a-half-hour walk filled with amazement and surprises, culminating in magnificent compositions of water jets and cascades of light at the Bassin de Neptune, the largest pool in the gardens of Château de Versailles.

For the grand finale of the evening, the pyrotechnics experts from Groupe F, world famous in their field, will present a show of royal fireworks on the Grand Perspective in the park!


Saturday June 11: Possibilité pour les détenteurs de billets Grandes Eaux Nocturnes de venir en costume de style baroque.

Saturday July 9 - Patrouille de France: A prestigious and exceptional demonstration will grace the sky during the Night Fountains Shows on 9 July. The Patrouille de France, the prestigious aerobatics demonstration unit of the French Air and Space Force will present a perfectly timed, majestic and elegant flight, worthy of the Sun King! You are bound be amazed!

Thursday July 14 - National holiday (+3€): The 14th of July is a symbol of fireworks, just like Versailles and its sumptuous royal celebrations. An enchanted evening awaits you to celebrate Bastille Day.

Monday August 15 - Fire Nocturnes (+3€): The Fire Nocturnes honour the royal fires, so dear to the history of Versailles! This exceptional date will allow you to experience Versailles in a different way.

Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of this light-filled evening. Stroll from the Grand Perspective to the groves, discover the fountains that play the most beautiful baroque music by Lully, Handel, Gluck, and Rameau, in a mysterious atmosphere with the most surprising shimmers and sparkles.

Encounter fire artists, walk through a grove with a laser light in the sky, and admire the monumental flames on the Grand Perspective. Drones will illuminate the sky and offer you a unique visual experience!

The highlight of this enchanted evening will be a magnificent and masterful fireworks display by the world's best fireworks experts, the magicians of Groupe F.

Saturday September 24 - Electro Nocturnes (+3€): September 24, 2022, an exceptional date for the Night Fountains Shows, the Royal Gardens of the Chateau of Versailles will be decorated with thousands of lights and invite you to a journey through time to the rhythm of electro music!

These Electro Nocturnes are a unique and original opportunity to stroll through the groves and fountains, magnificently illuminated with water and light, to a soundtrack featuring the best DJs of the moment.

Please note that this is a soundtrack event, not a live performance.

Versailles as you've never seen or heard it before!