Shows at Versailles

Musical Fountains show

Every saturday and sunday from 31/03 to 28/10, every tuesday from 22/05 to 26/06, the 8/05, the 10/05 and 15/08

Every saturday and sunday, from april to end of october, and holidays, Discover the groves of Versailles, and the fountains whose jets of water rise and fall in time to the music.

Whichever you choose, each will lead you to many of the Garden's most stunning features. Or you can wander off and find for yourself some of the garden's most secret corners.
Of all the jewels the history of France has bequeathed to the world's artistic heritage, Versailles is the most intimately linked to a king's ambition.

Compulsory add the days of Musical Fountains Show +10€

The Musical gardens

Every tuesday from 27/03 to 24/04 and from 03/07 to 30/10, every friday from 30/03 to 26/10

Over the summer, to more fully discover and enjoy the gardens, the "conservation" areas and groves of the chateau's park are accessible for visitors to stroll through to the sound of music.

Compulsory add the days of Musical Gardens +10€

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